Port Joli Community Association Newsletter    Hall News

                                                                Fall 2021


Hall News is the newsletter for the Port Joli Community Association.  The Port Joli Community Association was established in 1961 with the main objectives being the ownership and maintenance of the former Port Joli School as a community hall (or center).  This continues to be the focus of the Association.  The current officers are:  Ada Frank – President, Donna Denison – Secretary, Danielle Robertson – Treasurer and four additional Directors. 


The hall has been restored to reassemble the building as it looked historically on the exterior.  The interior of the lower floor has a small meeting area, washroom and kitchenette in the back.  The upstairs will house interpretive displays depicting the natural and cultural history of the area.    



Annual General Meeting - 2021


Unfortunately, due to COVID 19, the Annual General Meeting for 2020 was cancelled.  However, an Annual General Meeting will take place on Saturday, October 9, 2021 at 3:00 p.m.



Our Website


Be sure to visit our website – www.portjoli.org. – maintained by Barry Lucking. (Thanks Barry!)  We are always looking for community news, stories, photos, and events to post, so if you have anything to contribute please contact Danielle Robertson or Barry Lucking.



Fundraising Initiatives


Our regular Merchandise Bingos have been cancelled due to the pandemic.  Hopefully they can resume in 2022.



Continued Use/Membership


While things are definitely different, there has been controlled rental of the building for functions for limited numbers.  Please consider booking our unique spot for a family gathering, etc.

Memberships are still welcomed!



Contact Information:                 Ada Frank                           902-683-2572

                                                                Donna Denison                      902-683-2745

                                                                  Danielle Robertson                      902-683-2573